Radical Generosity is Creating a New Playing Field

I’ve recently spent the weekend at the inaugural Australian SheEO Venture Retreat, where fellow Venture finalists spent time deep-diving on goals, challenges and visions in a safe and open environment. It was absolutely one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Once all 5 Ventures got together we knew instinctively that we were in the midst of something amazing.

What is SheEO?

To put you in the picture, the SheEO movement, started by Vicki Saunders, aims to mobilise $1 billion in capital behind 10,000 female-led ventures through the contribution of 1 million activators. It’s a simple formula. As an Act of Radical Generosity, individual activators contribute $1100 into a perpetual fund to support female-led ventures. Those activators then vote on which of the ventures that apply should receive funding. There is no fiscal return on your investment, is something much greater than that. The supreme knowledge and well-being that comes from knowing you’ve helped make the world a better place.

We are not trying to fit into the existing models and systems and level the playing field, we are creating an entirely new field.

First Australian SheEO Ventures

There were 5 ventures who made it through as Australia’s first cohort of finalists and we were all incredibly honoured to be there. The time that we spent together and the process we went through at the retreat has led to the most amazing relationships and a profound web of trust. We all know and feel that we are in this together — we’re all here to help each other do our best. I walked away with 4 new members of my World’s Biggest Garage Sale Team and I also joined their teams aswell. We’ve got each other’s backs and will help each other on our journeys.

Leading with Love

We went through some incredible processes, led by the inspiring MJ Ryan (outstanding human being and author of Radical Generosity: Unlock the Transformative Power of Giving), culminating in the final day where the Ventures divided up how the SheEO Venture fund would be distributed amongst each other. Just one of the key differences in how SheEO operate, supporting and empowering female founders to make critical decisions with trust, love, transparency and radically generosity.

SheEO Summit

Finally on Monday we spent time together at the inaugural Australian SheEO Summit, hosted by the legendary Holly Ransom, where we were announced as the finalist Ventures to all our Australian Activators. To say the energy in the room was electric is an understatement. Words cannot describe what an amazing day it was sharing our ventures with this incredible room of Activators and meeting all these remarkable people!!!

SheEO Ventures for 2019

All the ventures are led by truly phenomenal women who are tackling really important problems that desperately need wise solutions.

Here they are:

  • Jenny Brown from Envorinex who currently recycles 50% of Tasmania’s industrial waste and are seeking to expand this to 100% and include household waste for recycling.
  • Sarah Gun from GOGO events who are creating life-changing paid-work and pathways to employment for homeless people, predominantly women, at events and festivals. Recruitment is from organisations supporting homeless people, with clients who value social impact, ensuring all events leave a positive social legacy.
  • Kristina Freeman from Grow Your Mind who are educating young children, their schools and their families about the importance of taking care of their mental health and empowers them in ways they can do this.
  • Lucinda Hartley of Neighbourlytics which is a social analytics platform for neighbourhoods, pioneering the use of social data in cities, giving city-makers real-time insights into the social life of neighbourhoods, transforming the way they plan, design and manage places.

I’m so incredibly fired up about SheEO #radicalgenerosity and enormously grateful, honoured and indebted to the Australian Activators for selecting our Venture. We’re rolling up our sleeves at World’s Biggest Garage Sale and will use these loan funds very wisely to help us scale and grow. If you have the capacity to, I’d love to invite you to activate too — join the movement http://sheeo.world



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